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Working with slides

Slides settings

Please note that slide settings are available as Default & Particular slide settings. Slide default settings are common slide properties for all slides while single slide (particular) settings are specific slide properties for each particular slide.

You can't define slide image in default settings as this is unique property for each slide

Screenshot Setting Description
Slide image
Image URL URL of the image used in slide
Slide settings
Duration Slide duration before transition take place
Color Background color of the slide
Caption Text for thumbnails caption
Link Link to the page or site you would like to open when user clicks the slide
Target "_blank", "_self", "_parent", "_top"
Description Box
Heading Text Text for 'heading' text field
Paragraph Text Text for 'paragraph' text field
Link Link to the page or site you would like to open when user clicks on the description box
Target "_blank", "_self", "_parent", "_top"

Transition Settings

Please note that transition settings are available as Default & Particular transition settings. Transition default settings are common transition properties for all transitions while single transition (particular) settings are specific transition properties unique for each particular transition.

Screenshot Setting Description
Transition type Type of transition: "3D or "2D"
Columns Number of slicing columns each transition consists of
Rows Number of slicing rows each transition consists of
2D transition type 2D transition type: "slide" or "fade"
Flip angle Slice 3D rotation: 180 or 90 degrees
Flip order Slices animation 'start to end' order
Flip from center Take animation flow from center-to-out in a defied directions.
Flip direction "left", "right", "top", "bottom" or any combination of them
Flip color color of cubes
Use shading Use transition shading
Flip box thickness Thickness of the cube
Flip depth Z offset value during slice flipping
Flip easing Easing
Flip duration Time for each slice cube to finish its animation
Flip delay Time each sliced cube will wait before starting transition.
Flip delay randomize Randomize slice delay values: 1 - full randomization, 0-uniform (no randomization)

Add/change image

  1. Expand related 'Slide & transition' panel
  2. Under 'Image Settings' section click on 'Change' button
  3. From pop-up select image through 'From Computer', 'From URL' or 'Media Library' sections.
  4. Click 'Insert image into post'

Create new slide & transition

To add new slide (and corresponded transition) to CU3ER just click on 'Add Slide & transition' button on Edit page:

Reorder slides

Duplicate slides

Delete slides