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On setup page you are able to:


  • CU3ER.swf (required)
    jCU3ER needs CU3ER.swf file in order to work properly. If missing, CU3ER.swf will be automatically uploaded when you import your first CU3ER zip project. However this field is provided in case you only want to manually upload/update CU3ER.swf at any time.

  • JQUERY.CU3ER.js (required)
    This file is crutial for CU3ER functioning. Without this file, CU3ER slider wouldn't display at all. This file also enables CU3ER to communicate with the rest of your page through JS API and it is responsible for choosing the best posible version of CU3ER to display. Find out more about JS API.

  • JQUERY.CU3ER.PLAYER.js (optional)
    This js file is used as a player for Javascript version of CU3ER slider.

Licence Info

PRO license holders are supplied with licence key they can enter in provided input field.
If licence key is valid, user is able to remove CU3ER branding or display custom preloader within CU3ER.

Removing CU3ER branding

Video tutorial: 1min 51sec
What you will learn:
  • Finding your CU3ER license keyHow to find CU3ER license key for assigned domain
  • Supplying CU3ER license key to wpCU3ERHow to supply license key to wpCU3ER in order to be able to remove CU3ER branding

NOTE: You must supply license key in order to remove CU3ER branding — this option is available for CU3ER PRO license holders only. License key is available on your CU3ER account homepage under your license domain section.

Follow 4 simple steps (see image above) to supply your CU3ER licence key to wpCU3ER and remove CU3ER branding:

  1. Login to your CU3ER account, find domain you need licence key for and click 'License Info' button in license row.
  2. Use "Copy to clipboard" button to copy your license key to clipboard.
  3. Paste licence key to provided input field in 'Setup' page within your wpCU3ER plugin.
  4. Click 'Remove brending' checkbox and 'Save Changes'.