Last modified: May 18, 2011 @ 15:47

Quick start with wpCU3ER

Find below quick instructions to get you started with wpCU3ER. For more detailed info about wpCU3ER and available settings please continue with provided official documentation.

  1. Install wpCU3ER plugin

    Installing wpCU3ER is the same as installing almost any other WordPress plugin. Please check installing wpCU3ER for more info.

  2. Sign-up for CU3ER account

    If you don't have CU3ER account yet, please create your CU3ER LITE or PRO account.

  3. Create project in cManager

    cManager is online application designed to make CU3ER development as fast and easy as possible. For more info about working with cManager please check official documentation.

  4. Export project from cManager to your hard drive

    Once you are satisfied with your CU3ER buildout in cManager, you can export project .zip file with all related files. How to export CU3ER project

  5. Import project .zip or .xml to wpCU3ER

    You can add (import) as many CU3ER projects as you like and each one is processed through 'Add New' page. For more info about importing CU3ER project please check related documentation.

  6. Manage slides & transitions

    This step is optional and only required if you didn’t made these settings while you were creating CU3ER or you were not using cManager to create your slideshow. However feel free to check your settings again and make fine tuning if necessarily. Learn more about managing slides & transitions with wpCU3ER

  7. Embed CU3ER on WP page or post

    You are now ready to insert CU3ER to WordPress page or post and it's has never been easier. Check out how to embed CU3ER in posts.

  8. Publish & enjoy

    ... and don't forget to let us know about what you have created — we would definitely love to know. Email us.