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Messages & Warnings

Please upload CU3ER.js

CU3ER.js is missing and you need to upload javascript to wpCU3ER.

Settings successfully saved.

Common notice letting you know that your changes was succesefuly saved.

CU3ER successfully saved.

After succeseful import of CU3ER swf this notice will appear.

Something went wrong, please try again.

General warning that some error ocuere either upon saving or uploading files. Please try to repeat your last action.

wpCU3ER plugin requires WordPress 2.8 or newer. Please update!

If you try to install wpCU3ER with WordPress version older than 2.8 this warning will appear. Please update your WordPress.

CU3ER is successfully duplicated.

Lets you know that you have succesefuly duplicated CU3ER project.

You are not using the latest version of CU3ER.swf — click here to update automatically from to the latest version.

wpCU3ER will detect if newer version of CU3ER.swf is available and will let you know you can update CU3ER from

You are using old version of XML! Please edit your newly uploaded slideshow and set correct General Settings > SWF Size.

To retrieve correct embedding size CU3ER needs to load latest export from cManager which contains embedding size of CU3ER. You should either enter manually the embedding size in General Settings > SWF Size or re-export your project from cManager.

Missing or incomplete XML file, please use correct CU3ER zip or XML file.

If you try to upload configuration XML file that is incorectly formated, damaged or incomplete this message will appear.

Could not locate XML file. Check if XML file exist, or if it is readable to script.

If configuration XML file could not be found during adding new CU3ER this message will appear.

CU3ER.swf has been updated.

You have updated CU3ER.swf

Something went wrong. CU3ER.swf has NOT been updated probably due lack of administrative permissions.

CU3ER update failed. Please try again.

PHP extension curl us not installed. You may experience a lack of functionality.

Please contact server administrator to enable curl within your PHP site instalation.