Last modified: May 21, 2012 @ 11:15

Installing wpCU3ER

wpCU3ER installation to your WordPress is easy as installing any other wp plugin.

wpCU3ER installation

Video tutorial: 2min 58sec
What you will learn:
  • wpCU3ER auto installationwpCU3ER installation from Wordpress repository
  • wpCU3ER manual installationwpCU3ER installation using ZIP archive from

To install wpCU3ER, from the Administration Panels click on the Plugins tab. Click on ‘Add New' and ‘Install plugins” page will open. From there you can add plugins in following way:

Automatically install plugin

  1. Enter ‘wpCU3ER’ in the search field and hit search button.
  2. After plugin browser displays search results, locate wpCU3ER and click on ‘Install now’ link — plugin installation will begin.
  3. Once plugin is installed you will need to activate plugin by clicking ‘Activate plugin’ link.

Install by uploading plugin .ZIP

  1. Download the wpCU3ER from you CU3ER account
  2. Upload to WordPress by clicking on top ‘upload’ link and browsing for wpCU3ER zip from your hard drive.
  3. Once you located plugin zip click ‘Install now” button.
  4. After installation completes you will need to activate plugin by clicking ‘Activate plugin’ link.

Plugin menu will appear on the left sidebar and will look like this:

Post—install Warning

Once plugin is installed you will notice red warning message:
“You are not using latest CU3ER.swf....
That means you need to upload CU3ER.swf to your WordPress. You can add CU3ER.swf in two ways:

NOTE: wpCU3ER plugin comes without CU3ER.swf — in order to obtain your swf copy you will need to have active CU3ER account on Please login to your account and export your CU3ER zip package from cManager, it will have CU3ER.swf inside.

Updating wpCU3ER plugin

If new version of any installed plugin in your Wordpress admin panel is available, indicator will apear in Plugins menu (1) showing the number of plugins that can be updated. Click on Plugins tab and Plugins page with list of installed plugins will open. If new version of wpCU3ER is available you will see rong>'There is new version of wpcu3er available' message and options for viewing version details (2) and auto updating plugin to newest version (3).

If you click on 'View version details' link (2) popup with information about newest wpCU3ER version will open.

If you wish you can choose to 'Install Update Now' or you can close the popup window and install latest version of wpCU3ER through 'update automatically' link on Plugins page. Either way Wordpress will automatically dowload, install and reactivate your wpCU3ER plugin and it will be updated to newest version.