Last modified: May 21, 2012 @ 16:17

Embed CU3ER to page

Embedding CU3ER in post or page is done either through:

  • TinyMCE — default WP rich text formatting editor. You will see CU3ER button on the right.
  • Template Tag — display_cu3er(‘slider_ID'); in template files where ‘slider_ID’ is the numeric id of your slider located under ‘id’ columns.

Embedding CU3ER with TinyMCE:

Embedding CU3ER using TinyMCE

Video tutorial: 3min 48sec
What you will learn:
  • Embedding CU3ER project to postHow to embed CU3ER project in Wordpress post using TinyMCE
  • Embedding CU3ER project to pageHow to embed CU3ER project in Wordpress page using TinyMCE

Open your post/page in WordPress and perform following:

  1. Click on ‘CU3ER’ button in TinyMCE
  2. From drop menu click “Insert CU3ER"
  3. Select which CU3ER you would like to embed from modal window by clicking 'Insert' link

That’s it. Short code will be added to your code, like:

<div id="CU3ER1" class="embedCU3ER">[CU3ER slider='1']</div>

Embedding CU3ER with template tag:

Embedding CU3ER using Template Tag

Video tutorial: 2min 05sec
What you will learn:
  • Using Template Tag to embed CU3ERHow to embed CU3ER project in your WordPress template files

Just one function is enough to embed CU3ER in your WordPress template files:

  • Open your template php page (e.g. home.php)
  • paste above code to appropriate place on page where you want your CU3ER to appear
  • Save template page.

NOTE: slider_ID is the number of slider ID you can find on 'Edit' page. Make sure you have entered correct ID if you have more than one CU3ER projects created.