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Edit CU3ER

Editing project using wpCU3ER

Video tutorial: 9min 15sec
What you will learn:
  • General settingsHow to use wpCU3ER to edit general settings like project size, folder locations, background properties and alternative content.
  • Slides & Transitions settingsHow to use wpCU3ER to edit default and individual slide and transition settings.
  • Working with SlidesHow to add, duplicate, delete or reorder slides and their paired transitions.

To edit CU3ER project click on ‘Edit’ link located in wpCU3ER menu (1). Edit page will open with list of all available CU3ER projects. Click 'Edit' link on desired project under Action panel (2) to access to all available options for selected CU3ER project (3):

From this page (3) you are able to:

  • Change CU3ER general settings
  • Change Slides & Transition settings
  • Manage Slides and Transitions
  • Preview & Save current buildout

General Settings

List of all available settings under this General Settings section. Please note that depending on your CU3ER project some fields will not be present. For example, if you are not using shadow image that section will not be shown within user interface. The same apply for custom image preloader and background image.

Screenshot Setting Description
Name Name of the CU3ER slider/project
SWF Size
SWF width Width of CU3ER swf in pixels
SWF height Height of CU3ER swf in pixels
Folder Locations
Images folder path to image folder on your server
Fonts folder path to font swf's folder on your server.
Transparent select radio button if you want CU3ER background to be transparent
Color Hex decimal color value
Image URL URL for the image to be used for background
Shadow Image
Image URL URL for the image to be used as shadow
Custom Preloader Image
Image URL URL for the image to be used as custom preloader

Alternative Content

(optional) Provide alternative content in case when flash is not installed or javaScript is disabled