Last modified: May 18, 2011 @ 15:47

What is wpCU3ER?

wpCU3ER is WordPress plugin designed to provide easy CU3ER integration into WordPress powered web sites while offering some advanced CU3ER content editing & managing features.

Main Features:

  • Simple embedding
  • Easy CU3ER management
  • Full CU3ER slides & transitions customization
  • Build-in preview
  • Access anytime

wpCU3ER is convenient!

  • No coding required
  • Your clients can mange CU3ER by their own
  • Hassle free post/page embedding
  • Content management through WordPress
  • Template tag embedding for custom designs
  • Import CU3ER projects with all related files (images & fonts)
  • Add, remove or reorder slides & transitions
  • Completely manage slide & transition settings
  • Change images, heading & paragraph text
  • Edit, preview & manage CU3ER projects within WP admin any time.
  • and of course — it's free.

Best usage

wpCU3ER is not meant to be full CU3ER builder replacement! Instead it's rather convenient solution to manage already created CU3ER sliders. For building and creating CU3ER please use cManager which enable you full & easy CU3ER creation through advanced building and editing features.

Now you can focus on creating CU3ER in cManager by defining all it's visual aspects and leave content management to someone else (like to client for example). Separation of the CU3ER roles (creating and managing) is the most valuable wpCU3ER feature.


  • Wordpress 2.8.x+
  • PHP5+
  • CU3ER v1.x — PRO or LITE account on
  • Modern browser with Flash Player 10+