Last modified: October 18, 2011 @ 13:01

Preview CU3ER

From project list

On Slideshows page you can click on 'Preview' icon and CU3ER will be launched in modal window. First preview icon will launch preview of CU3ER Flash version and the other will display Javascript version of chosen project.

Preview while editing

While editing CU3ER on Edit slideshow, Edit Slide Defaults or Slides & Transitions page you have ability to preview changes you have made by simply clicking on ‘Preview’ button for Flash version or ‘Preview JS’ button for preview of JavaScript version of your CU3ER project. Please note that once you hit preview, CU3ER project will be saved and all changes will be visible if CU3ER is embedded on published page or post.

NOTE: While editing CU3ER project which is already embedded on published article all changes you make to CU3ER will be visible in that article after each Save of your CU3ER project.

HINT: If you are about to heavily edit CU3ER already embedded in article you might want to duplicate CU3ER project and make those changes within CU3ER copy. Once you are satisfied with results you can simply replace with newly created one.