Last modified: June 08, 2012 @ 13:53

Installing jCU3ER

jCU3ER installation to your Joomla Control Panel is as easy as installing any other Joomla component.

jCU3ER installation

Video tutorial: 1min 45sec
What you will learn:
  • jCU3ER installationHow to install CU3ER Joomla component

From Joomla Control Panel, click on the Extensions tab. Click on ‘Install/Uninstall' and Extension Manager page will open.

From Extension Manager page you can add jCU3ER in following way:

  1. Download jCU3ER from your CU3ER account
  2. Upload it to Joomla by clicking on ‘Browse...’ button and browsing for jCU3ER zip from your hard drive in Upload Package File section.
  3. Once you located jCU3ER component zip click ‘Upload File & Install” button.

Updating jCU3ER component

To update your jCU3ER component download latest version of jCU3ER from your CU3ER account and install it like described above.

NOTE: Do not uninstall old version of jCU3ER because that will cause you to loose all uploaded projects. Just install new version of jCU3ER over the old version in order to keep uploaded CU3ER projects.