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Embed CU3ER to article

Embedding CU3ER to article

Video tutorial: 1min 40sec
What you will learn:
  • Adding CU3ER to articleHow to add CU3ER to Joomla article using jCU3ER

Embedding CU3ER to article is done through 'Insert CU3ER' button which is located below article editor.

  1. Click on ‘Insert CU3ER’ button and popup window with the list of available projects will open
  2. Click on the name of the project you wish to use in your article

That’s it! Short code will be added to your article, like:

{CU3ER 24}

NOTE: CU3ER slider won't be displayed in article preview. You will just see the short code.

NOTE: CU3ER slider won't be displayed in your article if you didn't check published option on Slideshows page

Embed CU3ER to any part of Joomla template

CU3ER slider can be embedded to any part of Joomla template using jCU3ER's module. To do this you need to follow few simple steps:

1) You need to have jCU3ER component installed. To learn how to do this watch 'jCU3ER Installation' video tutorial on following page of our documentation:

2) Import the project you downloaded/exported from cManager to jCU3ER. To learn how to add new project to jCU3ER watch 'Adding new project' video tutorial on following page of our documentation:

3) Log in to your Joomla control panel, go to 'Extensions' menu and select Module manager.

Module Manager

4) When 'Module Manager' page opens, click on 'New' icon...

Add new module

...and after the 'Select a Module Type' pop-up window opens choose CU3ER module from the list

Choose Joomla module pop-up

5) 'Module Manager' page for CU3ER module will open. Here you can set desired properties for your CU3ER slider.

jCU3ER module slider settings

Settings on this page are divided into 3 sections:

a) Details - Here you can set basic details about the module like its title, position, status, access, etc.
b) Menu Assignment - In this section you can chose on which pages CU3ER slider will be displayed.
c) CU3ER Module Parameters - Here you can choose (by clicking on select button) which of the CU3ER sliders uploaded to jCU3ER you will use on your page/s and set CSS class for this slideshow.

6) After you finish configuring CU3ER module you just need to click on 'Save & Close' icon and slideshow will start displaying on pages you had chosen in 'Menu Assignment' section in previous step.