Last modified: June 08, 2012 @ 11:38

Add new CU3ER

Adding new project

Video tutorial: 1min 56sec
What you will learn:
  • Adding new project to jCU3ERHow to add project created in cManager to CU3ER Joomla component

You can add (import) as many CU3ER projects as you like and each one is processed through 'Import CU3ER Slideshow' page.

In order to add CU3ER project please follow this steps:

  1. Click on ‘Add New’ link — go to Components > CU3ER > Add new to open page for adding (importing) CU3ER projects.
  2. Name your CU3ER project — by naming a project you can easily identify which CU3ER you would like to embed or manage later. (example of some names: “HomeSlider” or “PortfolioCU3ER”)

    If you don’t specify name, jCU3ER will use automatically generated name.

  3. Choose import type and upload CU3ER files

    - Import from file (zip/xml) — you can choose to upload XML configuration file only and add images later or upload project ZIP file which will upload all CU3ER files along with images to your server and process them with plugin;

    If you are using Mac it is possible that browser will auto-extract your project on download. In that case, if you want to upload your whole project as a ZIP file, you'll need to zip content of project folder (not the folder itself) before you can upload it to jCU3ER.

    - Import from URL (remote XML) — if your XML configuration file is already online you can enter its full URL and jCU3ER will create CU3ER based on settings specified in XML. You will need to upload images manually if their URLs are not defined with absolute paths.

    After you had chosen import type, upload your project to jCU3ER by clicking on ‘Browse...’ button and browsing for project xml or zip from your hard drive. When you locate the file you want to upload click on ‘Upload File’ button.

  4. Click ‘Import Slideshow’ button — After upload is completed you need to click ‘Import Slideshow’ button and CU3ER will be added to Joomla and you will be redirected to Slideshows page

Things to remember:

  • If you are creating CU3ER by importing XML only, images will not be copied to your server. Instead, only image paths will be embedded with each slide. You will need either to upload images manually or adjust image paths to point to correct files if you get 'Missing image' warning.
  • Uploading project .zip file is most convenient way of adding CU3ER to your Joomla as all content of zip file will be uploaded to your jCU3ER component and no further file linking would be necessary.
  • If you don’t specify name, jCU3ER will use auto generated name instead.