Last modified: May 18, 2011 15:43:52.

What is XML?

XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language, designed to transport and store data. If you aren’t familiar with XML, check the following links and get introduced to it:

XML with CU3ER

Settings and the content of the CU3ER are defined in XML file. This file is required in order to make the application work properly. All features of the CU3ER are represented through XML nodes. Simply including/excluding these nodes will enable/disable respective features.

Check XML Reference for additional information about available XML nodes & attributes.

In order to keep this image slider as user-friendly as possible, a large number of settings are defined as XML attributes. Including the attributes and altering their values will provide the possibility to apply custom settings.

The content of the CU3ER is defined in the node where each node defines a particular slide and each node defines a transition between two slides nearby. The last node defines a 3D transition between the last and the first slide.

List of main XML nodes

Check XML Reference for detailed information about available XML nodes & attributes.