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Slides are the main CU3ER content. Great range of available setting enables you to thoroughly configure all of the slide visual aspects. Slides configuration options are grouped as:

  • Slide defaults - common slide properties
  • Slide single (particular) - specific slide properties
  • Slides container - bounding box for slides

Slide defaults

This is, obviously, the place where you define all common slide properties like align, offset background color etc. for every slide.

Setting slide defaults in cManager →
Slide defaults XML Reference →

Slide node

Place where you define properties for particular slide and override defined default settings if needed. Here you define your image URL, paragraph and heading text, linking etc. specific only for this slide.

Setting slide in cManager →
Working with timeline →
Slide XML Reference →

Slides container

In order to define overall slides dimension and position you need to specify these values in this node.

Setting slide defaults in cManager →
Slides XML Reference →