Last modified: July 06, 2011 17:02:57.

CU3ER Javascript version

With CU3ER Javascript version release your visitors can enjoy great looking slideshows on PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android and other phones and tablet devices. We are very proud of our commitment to bring you the best image slider on the web.

Process of creating your slider stays the same, but new export of the project will contain new embedding code and all files needed for playback of CU3ER on Flash and non-Flash enabled devices. Once a visitor comes to your web page CU3ER will detect best possible version to display. You can take a look at versions comparison at CU3ER Javascript page.

CU3ER Javascript version is in BETA available to PRO users only. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Let's explain in a bit more details what has changed and how you should use new CU3ER Javascript version

Account home changes

Enabling CU3ER Javascript version for domains

CU3ER Javascript version is not enabled by default. It will be once we go out of BETA but for now we let you choose to use Javascript or not. We did make it easier to enable CU3ER Javascript version for all account, by displaying notification for enabling Javascript version on top of the page. Just click "Enable Javascript for all domains" and all domains will have it enabled.

CU3ER Javascript Account update

You can also enable or disable CU3ER Javascript version for individual domains if you click on License info button and then check/uncheck Enable JS version checkbox

CU3ER Javascript License update

Previewing CU3ER Javascript slider version from project list

Beside previewing CU3ER Flash version, you can now preview CU3ER Javascript version for Javascript enabled domains. Just click on "View JS" button to preview Javascript version of your slider.

CU3ER Account Preview Javascript update

cManager changes

For all Javascript enabled domains CU3ER will load cManager that supports Javascript. There are not a lot of changes. Basically whole process of creating the slideshow stays the same.
Important changes in cManager are reflected on save and export. On these actions cManager will export needed images for Javascript version so you may notice a progress bar and that generally this actions take some time.

Another new thing is a "Preview JS" buttons below standard preview buttons. Preview JS buttons are displaying CU3ER Javascript version preview so you can check out if your slider looks good in JS also. We strongly suggest that you create your slider and preview it in Flash and once you are almost done with it you do the Javascript version previews to make sure everything works fine. This is because Flash preview is faster since it does not require to generate fallback images. Below is an image of new buttons for previewing CU3ER Javascript version.

cManager preview JS pdate

wpCU3ER changes

Together with CU3ER Javascript release we released wpCU3ER version that supports new Javascript update. We did not change anything major except embedding, previewing (added support for Javascript) and one button in Edit slider page to force Javascript version to be displayed, even if you have Flash Player installed.

Edit page changes

First addition to edit page is Preview Javascript button. It is just a "JS" text link located next to Preview text link. It's now simple and easy to test your new CU3ER project import. Also you will notice below, in next row, old project import alert, showing you that this version might not display Javascript fallback properly.

wpCU3ER edit update

Edit slider page changes

Changes at Edit Slider page will be visible only for projects that have Javascript fallback images. This project needs to be created in cManager version with Javascript support.

Two changes are "Preview JS" button, for previewing Javascript version and "Force display Javascript" for force displaying Javascript version even if Flash Player is installed.

wpCU3ER edit update