Last modified: May 18, 2011 15:43:52.


System Font

The CU3ER can use any system font for displaying slide heading & paragraph and thumb caption text you have chosen. All you have to do is to insert value (font-face name) in the font attribute located in node inside the XML configuration file. Check “Description” section for more information!

Custom Font

The CU3ER allows importing a .swf file with an embedded font, which will be used for displaying all the text fields in CU3ER. To instruct CU3ER to use the embedded font, you need to:

  1. Load font first
  2. Set 'font-load' attribute to match font-face name in desired XML node. XML example:

    To load custom font(s) you need to set fonts node in XML to something like:

        <file url="MyEmbeddedFont.swf"/>  

working with fonts in cManager ->

embedding fonts

Here’s the way of embedding fonts into Flash:

  1. Go to your library, right-click and choose "New Font ..."
  2. Under the "Name" field type the name of the font, for example: "myFont".
  3. Select font & style from the respective drop down menus.
  4. Click "advanced > linkage" and check "Export for Actionscript" and "Export in first frame".
  5. Click OK.
  6. Open 'ActionScript panel' and in first frame register font by typing following AS code:
       function getFontNames():Array {
    	   return ["myFont"]; // list of export names of embedded fonts
  8. Publish this swf for Flash Player 9 with Actionscript 3.

Please download FLA CS4 font embedding example where we have embedded 'Arial' font just as a example. Please follow above steps to embed your own font.