Last modified: June 28, 2011 16:39:50.

What is CU3ER?

CU3ER \kyoober\, is a 3D image slideshow and photo gallery. It is visually attractive slideshow and gallery solution ideal for promoting products and services on your websites.

We created a set of tools to make your CU3ER life easier. Having CU3ER account gives you access to:

  • cManager - webapplication for creating great looking CU3ER slideshows
  • wpCU3ER - WordPress plugin for easy embedding of CU3ER slideshows in WordPress

What makes CU3ER special?

CU3ER brings creativity to your webdesign process, makes your content eye-catchy and delivers unique viewing experience to your website visitors.

This image slider is equipped with a great range of features that enhance the user’s experience of viewing slides. They can be grouped together - lining Transitions, 3D visual enhancements, User Interface and Indicators.


Transitions embrace the features that make the way to slide through a series of images unique. Transitions between slides are also eye-catching and configurable. A range of available options offers almost unlimited number of combinations for setting a unique look & feel and user-pleasant viewing experience. Check User Guide for further information.

  • 3D transitions
  • 2D transitions

3D visual enhancements

3D visual enhancements is a group of unique 3D enhancements that adds further level of depth and awesomeness to your 3D slideshow:

  • Camera
  • Shadows

User Interface

User Interface enhances overall user experience enabling the user to interact with the CU3ER (like navigating through slides). Check User Guide section for further information.

  • Navigation Buttons
  • Thumbnails
  • Description


Indicators is a group of UI elements and indicators created with a purpose to provide better insight and control over CU3ERs playback. You can deploy any of the following indicators in CU3ER slideshow:

  • Autoplay
  • Preloader

Lots of other available settings offer in-depth visual and playback customization which all together make CU3ER amazing content sliding solution.

What can CU3ER be used for?

CU3ER \kju:bər\, an image slideshow and photo gallery initially conceived for creating 3D transitions between slides, turned out to be a convenient and multifunction solution that can be applied in a range of webdesign areas, from content or feature slider, image & banner rotator to full feature photo gallery.

Consider using it when you want to grab the user’s attention, and you’ll be amazed with the results!

How does CU3ER work?

CU3ER requires an XML configuration file in which the paths to the existing images and instructions (settings) necessary for handling them are defined. This configuration XML file comes asa part of ZIP package that is delivered upon exporting your project from cManager.

Quick Start

Here are a couple of quick steps describing main actions you would like to perform in order to enjoy in your CU3ER creation:

  1. Create a CU3ER account
  2. Register a domain to be used with CU3ER
  3. Start a new project and create CU3ER in cManager
  4. Export your finished CU3ER package/project
  5. Embed CU3ER to your actual page
  6. Upload all CU3ER files to the server
  7. Enjoy.

If you do not use cManager you will need to manually configure the XML file. Please check XML References for more info about XML structure, available nodes and attributes.