Last modified: May 18, 2011 15:43:48.


cManager workspace consists of various elements, panels, menus and tabs grouped as:

  1. Menu bar - file and help menu.
  2. View bar - place where you switch between UI tween views for quick preview of your UI tween settings
  3. Undo, Redo, History
  4. Canvas move & zoom
  5. Settings bar - displays buttons & menus for easy access to all available CU3ER settings and adjustments.
  6. Properties bar - displays panels and options for currently selected element
  7. Timeline - visual representation of slides and transitions arranged in appearance order.
  8. Help bar - On mouse over various elements, corresponded help hints are shown here.
  9. Publish bar - project preview & export buttons
  10. Stage - main display area for viewing, selecting and adjusting all CU3ER elements.