Last modified: August 16, 2011 14:40:43.

Setting Project with cManager


The first thing you would like to do starting a new project is to set the project structure and folder paths. Although this is not mandatory first step, it's highly recommended.

Once created, path information & folders will be created & embedded in your CU3ER package during the export of your project, allowing you easy CU3ER deployment on your server just by uploading files and copy/paste embedding code to your actual page.

Changing project and slide size

Video tutorial: 3min 28sec
What you will learn:
  • Changing project and slides sizeHow to change size of entire CU3ER project and slide size within the project.

How to set up a project

In 'Settings' menu in settings bar, click on the 'Project' button:

Take a look at available options for the project you can enter in 'Settings' properties panel:


  • project name - project name that will be used as a identifier in your projects account page
  • project domain - Choose among available CU3ER domains you want to assign this project to. In order to cManager properly embed license information to CU3ER you need to pick one from available domains.
  • Use absolute URLs - if checked, all paths in XML and embedding instructions will be converted to absolute URLs otherwise cManager will generate relative URLs to your site root.

Using absolute URLs is more convenient if you use CMS or dynamically generated pages thus you don't have to worry about your site's hierarchy!


  • CU3ER location - desired path to CU3ER swf on your server
  • XML location - desired path to XML configuration file on your server
  • Images folder - name and path to image folder on your server
  • Fonts folder - name and path to font swf's folder on your server.

If you leave these fields blank, cManager will create default folder structure for your CU3ER files.


  • width - width of CU3ER swf in pixels or percents
  • height - height of CU3ER swf in pixels or percents.

'Size' values will be embedded in your sample page within exported CU3ER package, and provided as a part of CU3ER embedding code. Sample page is provided to you with all necessary codes you will need to embed CU3ER on your actual page.

What's next?

Now when you've set your project you can start building your CU3ER. Jump right on playing with cManager or check general workflow section, for example of the common cManager workflow and best practices.