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What is cManager?

cManager is MADEBYPLAY's proprietary online application designed to make CU3ER development as fast and easy as possible. Introducing great new features in v1 release, CU3ER offers a wide range of options and customization, which can become overwhelming at some point, as we understand. Fortunately, cManager is all about speeding development process allowing more time to play & enjoy, at the same time encouraging you to experiment in the quest for perfect 3D slideshow creation.

Features Overview


Forget about tedious learning CU3ER XML nodes and attributes. cManager allows you to visually edit and customize all CU3ER properties without dealing with single line of XML code.


cManager is easy and intuitive, comfortable to work with and it's coming with compressive documentation getting you started even faster.


Speed up CU3ER development, fast learning curve, and create slideshow within minutes.

Realtime editing

Almost all changes happen in realtime, which will let you to instantly view results of your settings.

3D camera

Work like a pro and set up your slideshow 3D camera view just like in 3D applications.


Visual representation of slides & transition allows easy slide & transition editing & arrangement. You are always on track and know what is happening.

Image library

Upload your images to image library and deploy them on desired slides at any time. Easily switch between available images in order to achieve best results. Once you have images in one place, it's easier to get the whole perspective about the animation flow.


You can preview complete CU3ER at any time, at any stage of development without leaving cManager at all.


Once you are satisfied with your masterpiece, export CU3ER package with all relevant files included in it. CU3ER embedding code is provided with sample page; copy/paste it to your actual page and you are ready to go. All you have to do is to upload your files to a server and deploy CU3ER on a page.


Basic and only cManager technical requirements:

  • modern web browser with flash player 9+ installed
  • minimal screen resolution 1024x768
  • Nothing more!

In order to be able to use cManager and all of it features, you need to obtain CU3ER account first.

Where to Start

You are either free to jump right on playing with cManager - just login to your account and start new project, or feel free to browse this documentation further in order get familiar with working with cManager.

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