Last modified: July 31, 2012 16:13:31.

Image Library

Working With Image Library

Video tutorial: 3min 0sec
What you will learn:
  • OverviewMain aspects of Image library.
  • Adding imagesUploading images from local computer or URL.
  • Deleting images Deleting images from Image library.


cManager allows you to upload images to be used in CU3ER to your specified account space and use those images through your CU3ER projects at your convenience. This way, you are able to have a quick insight of what and how many images are used in your projects; and deploying them in projects is a breeze.

Image library is where all image management takes place. You can upload images form your computer or just by entering image URL if image is already on you server.

NOTE: If you link images from your server, you can bypass unnecessary uploading to and downloading from our servers. Only path information will be embedded in XML as images are already deployed on your server. This can tremendously speed up your CU3ER deploying process, as you will not need to upload you images over again.

Things to know

Prior importing images to you account, please take a look at following general guidance about using images:

  • available space - 100 MB per assigned domain for PRO users and 5 MB per domain for LITE users
  • size limit - 500 KB per image
  • number of images - unlimited, until space per domain allocated is filled
  • supported formats - GIF, JPG, PNG8, PNG24.

NOTE: Our strong suggestion is to keep image size about 30-40 kb! Although max image size allowed is 500 kb please note this is not preferred image size. Consider your visitors’ internet connection speed and optimize your images size accordingly.

How to upload images?

Add image from file

  1. By clicking on 'Browse' button, an upload window will appear.
  2. Navigate to desired image file and select it. To select multiple files hold 'shift' key while clicking on file names.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Selected image is uploading to image gallery. Once uploaded, you will see image thumbnail as a representation of the respective image.

Add image from link

  1. Enter or paste link (full URL) in the input field.
  2. Click 'Add Link' button.
  3. Selected image is uploading to image gallery. Once uploaded, you will see image thumbnail as a representation of the respective image.

In order to CU3ER & cManager display images correctly, server where images are hosted need to have cross domain policy file!

Please download this crossdomain.xml file, change "" to domain name where images are hosted, save changes and upload that updated crossdomain.xml to your server root.

Image Info

Images in cManager image library are represented through image thumbnails.

Each image thumbnail has the following info about the actual image:

  • Name - name of the image
  • Dimensions - width and height of the image in pixels
  • Date - date when image is added to library
  • Number - which slide uses corresponded image. If there are more than one slides using the same image, respective slide numbers will appear in the upper left corner of the image thumb.
  • Delete - icon representing delete button.

How to delete an image?

To delete an image do following:

  1. Click on delete icon (red cross) in thumb upper-right corner.
  2. Confirmation window will pop-up.
  3. Click YES to delete image or CANCEL to abort the delete action.