Last modified: May 18, 2011 15:43:45.



The CU3ER allows importing an .swf file with an embedded fonts, which will be used for displaying the slide description heading and/or paragraph text and thumb title text.

How to embed font is swf

More about embedding font is swf →

NOTE: You will need to embed Bold and Italic font style in order to use that font styles with CU3ER.

Uploading embedded fonts

  1. Navigate to 'Text Properties' panel in either Thumbnails title or Description heading/paragraph settings section.
  2. Click on 'upload font' button.
  3. Navigate to desired font swf file and select it. To select multiple files hold 'shift' key while clicking on file name.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Font will be uploaded.

Using embedded fonts

These fonts will be available through 'text properties' panel under font dropdown menu. See image below:

To use embedded font:

  • Click on drop down font menu.
  • Select desired font.

Once desired font is selected, respective text field will update its view immediately with displaying text in this font.

Note: 'Text Properties' panel is available only for 'Description' and thumb 'Title' elements as only these two are using textual content.