Last modified: May 18, 2012 16:23:28.

Description box


“Description box” is a feature that allows you to include description (heading & paragraph) into each slide. You can configure overall visual appearance of the description box and the style of each text field with common text properties (font size, margin, leading, spacing, etc). You can also set link & linking target for each slide description box.

Description box

Video tutorial: 7min 44sec
What you will learn:
  • OverviewMain aspects of Description visual add-on.
  • Description content and linksAdding headings and paragraphs content and links.
  • Description boxDefining Description box appearance.
  • Description box tweeningDefining Tween views behaviour.
  • Heading and Paragraph settingsDefining Heading and Paragraph appearance.

Description box is the main container for heading and paragraph text fields, thus there are three property bars available for customization:

  • Description box (container)
  • Heading (text field)
  • Paragraph (text field).

Description box settings

Settings are available through following panels:

  • Align & Offset - relative alignment and offset from current relative position.
  • Size - width & height in px
  • Transform - scale X and scale Y
  • Tint & Alpha - changing color and alpha values
  • Round Corners - top, right, bottom & left corner radius values
  • Visibility - way of handling displaying object during and after the end of each transition
  • Animation - duration, delay and easy function attribute for corresponding tween modes.
  • Link - set link URL & target for description box

NOTE: These settings will design description box as container/background for heading and paragraph. Actual text properties are defined in corresponding heading and paragraph property bars.

Heading & paragraph settings

Although these two (heading & paragraph) are completely different text fields, the same setting are available for both heading and paragraph as follows:

  • Text properties - general text properties for text field
  • Tint & Alpha - changing color and alpha values
  • Margin- text filed margins
  • Animation - animating heading & paragraph text fields is restricted to color attribute only.

NOTE: Actual text to be displayed through these two text fields is defined in through each slide description setting.

NOTE: Paragraph text field is positioned below the heading, whereby Y position depends on the height of the heading text field.

NOTE: By altering “margin” attribute, you can achieve custom positioning for both paragraph and heading text fields.