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3D camera enables you to change the perspective angle of viewing sideshow just like you would do with normal camera. This feature in combination with shadows is win-win situation.


Video tutorial: 2min 59sec
What you will learn:
  • PositioningNumeric and interactive camera positioning.
  • RotationNumeric and interactive camera rotation.
  • Lens distortionLens distortion adjustments and settings.

Available settings:

  • X, Y, Z position
  • X, Y, Z rotation
  • lens distortion

To enter the camera editing mode in cManager:

  1. Click on Camera button in 'Settings' menu.

To adjust camera position and rotation:

  1. Enter values in respective input field in camera properties panel:

  2. Interactively, by combining holding modifier key and dragging:
    • CTRL + click +drag to zoom in & out (change camera Z position)
    • SHIFT + click + drag to rotate camera around slides
    • SPACE + click + drag to move camera (change X & Y position).

    You don't need to enter camera mode if you want to adjust camera interactively.

To adjust lens distortion:

  1. Enter desired value in lens field.

Example of altering lens settings: