Last modified: May 18, 2011 15:43:44.


To adjust CU3ER background click on the 'Background' button is 'Settings' menu:

Take a look at available options you can alter in 'Background' properties panel:

  1. Background image - choose image from image library to be used as background. You can turn on/off selected image by checking/un-checking 'Use image as background?' checkbox.
  2. Align & offset - position of the background image within CU3ER.
  3. Image Transform - change image scale by entering desired values. Image has no scale by default.
  4. Background - set background color or make background transparent by checking 'Transparent' checkbox.

'Background' values will be embedded in your sample page within exported CU3ER package, and provided as a part of CU3ER embedding code. Sample page is provided to you with all necessary code you will need to embed CU3ER on your actual page.